1. victimize:

    Katarina Šoškić (previously)

    i have something to show you, 2010
    a siren, 2011

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  2. untrustyou:

    Don Nace

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  3. finmakesthings:

    casper brooker

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  4. snowce:

    Michael von Graffenried, Playground in the East Village, New York City, 1981

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  5. white-flag-projects:

    Donelle Woolford

    Ding Dong, 2012

    Ballpoint pen, inkjet on paper mounted on canvas print PVA, 68 1/10 x 44 1/10 inches

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  7. archiveofaffinities:

    Ettore Sottsass, ‘Bacterio’ Drawing, 1978

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  9. tonecones:

    Quentin Chambry
    Gas Station Drawing

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  10. miniaturetigers:

    New single, “Oblivious,” from our upcoming album Cruel Runnings! Get it on iTunes: